vi var dom bästa tycker jag,
btw vi kom 2a.
28 galna gemsare och 3 lärare.
haha ms ramshaw kissed me .. på kinden..
för att jag kom ihåg vad jag skulle prata om .


för jag inte skrivit.

danstävlingen igår gick ganska bra.
vi kom 2a tror jag.
inte säker.
men vi hade kul , skit kul!
28 galna gemsare och 2 lärare.
DPS van , hum?
hahahaha ms ramshaw kissed me .. på kinden ..
för att jag kom ihåg vad jag skulle säga.

jag är så snurrig.
de känns som ja e bakis.
jag vill vara me Malin kajsa o Klara,
men jag orkar inte.
för att det snurrar hela tiden.
huvudet orkar lixom inte vara uppe.

sovit typ 10h.
mer än vanligt.
men det snurrar fortfarande.

brasan tänds om 15min.
jag måste väl gå ut och kalla de den.



today was a super crap day.
even if people are so nice to me.
aaw candice ms g n ms e.
but i cant help it .
i wanna stay happy all the time!
but i cant do anything about that.
crappy , crappy day.
GGAAAHHH , i get mad at myself coz its hard to smile!
and then gaah, why cant i be normal?
why cant i be like a normal person!
different is not a word ,
its me.
ive only told candice , fridus and marie - claire about my
life thought.. but im not sure if u sould tell anyone else.
i dont want everything to know.
if im brave enough i might tell ms g.
coz she is my life saver.
ill see...



Internet sucks and im on my iphone ,will write when it works :)

i wonder.

.. sometimes i wonder ..
 wonder how it would feel like ..
how many would remember..
i want to know..
how much more attention you would get,
and for how long.
and when will people forget.
never , or straight away.
would the they do,
the same thing.
or just get on with it.
its something i might never
would get an answer to,
maybe u are able to look back.
im not sure.
ill have to wait for my turn.
its not now,
but i could be soon.


i get the question how many sibings do u have .
i wanna say that i have maybe 5 or 10.
but when i have to say 1.

so :
Vilma , my only biological sister she is 12
ive known her for the whole of her life , sometimes we could be pretty close.
Dellan , she is that real bigger sister i never got, she is 23.
ive known her for like 12 years or so , she is awesome and she is my real sister
in my eyes, we are close sometimes and sometimes not.
Hannah , oh my dear twinsister , i love her from the bottom of my heart, she is 14.
ive known her about 8 years or so i think , we were born on the same place
with 2 weeks between , hannah my dear twinsis is one of the best sisters i have.
Fridus , my dear life saver , i love her , love love love her , she is the most
awesome person i know , she is 32 .
she could kinda be my mom ,, i wish ,, but she is the one that keeps me
safe and she is the one i can ask about stuff about getting trought life,
Emma , emms is like my little sister , we fight and we love , she is 13.
we are bestus friends, and i love emma . people think we look alike , like real sisters.
Anique , we fight like sisters , in school we are like best friends ,, she is 14. we call each other siblings
and we say we fight with sibling love.
Marie-claire , she is my son , oh god i likielikie her xD she is 14.
ive known her for 2 years now , she is one of the few people i can talk about everything.
she is my son and u are suppose to love ur kids.

when ofc i have simon , but he isnt my brother anymore he is the love of my life,
he is THE BEST person i know ,
she is the mos caring person on earth i think.



haha what a life ..
i dont have a life
and the life i have is bullshit..
so lets do the stupid test.

Vad heter du? Amanda Gunhild Lönneborg
Hur gammal är du? 14 år.
Är du singel? simon <3
Vad har du för läggning? på högra sidan i sägen.
Har du haft sex? Yes sir.
.. Med hur många om svaret var ja? har bara en högersida

Vad heter din blogg? lonneborg . my life in black and white
Vad bloggar du om? Du vet sånt där..
Har du någonsin fått en hatkommentar? på förra bloggen yes.
Hur många unika besökare har du om dagen? på lonneborg bloggen runt 30 kanske . på esuat hade ja typ 100 om dan.
Vad är ditt besöksrekord? 200 typ på esuat bloggen
Ligger du på en topplista? haha oh nej..

that a boring life.


just came back from school..
haha its weird to be in shchool on the weekend..
danced for 4hrs :)
it was fun , we had the clothes wearing on the show.
and we had the world painted on your faces. :)

gaah back to school tomorrow.
not FUN..
its ony 8 weeks left tho ..
im ganna miss GWA but i really want it to be over!!

this is how i look now :)

esuat vs lonneborg.

i got the question
why my blog isnt name esuat like everything else.
the thing is i love esuat .. its the best name ever.
but just coz the stupid wont delete my old
esuat blogg .. and they cant some how ..
and i cant logg into..
i had to make something else up
so lonneborg was the only name i could think of
that wasnt already taken

but if i could i would have named this blog
esuat like everything else.


dubai mall


we had lots of fun son and i :)
yaay , dubai mall is so confusing i think
u get lost between all the 1200 shops!
haha i think we mostly ate the whole day .. maha not good..
but i bought a tshirt where it says grandpapee <3's son and she bought one with the
opposite , and then i got back leggins with pockets for tomorrow.

when i came home its was only me and me.
my family is at LMs parents house.
and i dont wanna go there coz she isnt there.
u african as i miss u.

i just had a bit of shisha
and im problably ganna eat something real now.

dance for 4hs tomorrow.
haha .

starbucks <3

in the barbie house

our love shirts

darling <3'


just woke up.
its 11.29.
i think todays ganna be good.

Marie-Claire later on today.
aaw , i love u son.
we are going ice skating at dubai mall
and then we are just ganna be,

dance practise for 4hs tomorrow
and dance competition on thursday.
missing the whole day of school atlest :)

i like my new blog,

Mh (:

Linn and I
had a pretty meaningsful conversation
over msn before.
we came up with that we
have the same meaning about our world ,
we think the world is one way.
and thats how it stays,

She is grown up for her age.
but age is just a number,
age has no meaning and doesnt stop anything or anyone.

one thing is true tho.

life is not a gift . its just something we have to deal with.
livet är ingen gåva , det är ett måste.


We had international day today.
it was fun, sorry to Amy , MC , Anique , Suddhabha n katie
that i was bussy with emma and leesh all day.
it was kinda like last year.
but i love it,
i love the international.
what we can be friends even if we are so different.

ms eames told me to write smiles in my planner,
just to remember how i felt that day.
this is how my week looked like.
sunday : "/
monday: "/
tuesday : : ")
wednesday : "D
thursday : "D

we goy our reports today too,
it was okey , i got better in math that was a +

it was a pretty normal week.
no more no less.

i love u simon,
dont worry, okey.
when ur down im down to.
just so u know
i love u more then ever.

sis and i : new converse

all again

Im now starting all over again,
my old blog was boring.

and in this one im ganna write 95% english
the other 5% is small texts or songs
that are not very nice translated.


Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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