We had international day today.
it was fun, sorry to Amy , MC , Anique , Suddhabha n katie
that i was bussy with emma and leesh all day.
it was kinda like last year.
but i love it,
i love the international.
what we can be friends even if we are so different.

ms eames told me to write smiles in my planner,
just to remember how i felt that day.
this is how my week looked like.
sunday : "/
monday: "/
tuesday : : ")
wednesday : "D
thursday : "D

we goy our reports today too,
it was okey , i got better in math that was a +

it was a pretty normal week.
no more no less.

i love u simon,
dont worry, okey.
when ur down im down to.
just so u know
i love u more then ever.

sis and i : new converse

Postat av: simon

du är fan den sötaste som finns på denna JORD älskling önskar att du var hemma nu så att jag kunde hålla om dig älskling (L) saknar dig som fan :'((L)<33

2010-04-24 @ 07:37:23

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