i get the question how many sibings do u have .
i wanna say that i have maybe 5 or 10.
but when i have to say 1.

so :
Vilma , my only biological sister she is 12
ive known her for the whole of her life , sometimes we could be pretty close.
Dellan , she is that real bigger sister i never got, she is 23.
ive known her for like 12 years or so , she is awesome and she is my real sister
in my eyes, we are close sometimes and sometimes not.
Hannah , oh my dear twinsister , i love her from the bottom of my heart, she is 14.
ive known her about 8 years or so i think , we were born on the same place
with 2 weeks between , hannah my dear twinsis is one of the best sisters i have.
Fridus , my dear life saver , i love her , love love love her , she is the most
awesome person i know , she is 32 .
she could kinda be my mom ,, i wish ,, but she is the one that keeps me
safe and she is the one i can ask about stuff about getting trought life,
Emma , emms is like my little sister , we fight and we love , she is 13.
we are bestus friends, and i love emma . people think we look alike , like real sisters.
Anique , we fight like sisters , in school we are like best friends ,, she is 14. we call each other siblings
and we say we fight with sibling love.
Marie-claire , she is my son , oh god i likielikie her xD she is 14.
ive known her for 2 years now , she is one of the few people i can talk about everything.
she is my son and u are suppose to love ur kids.

when ofc i have simon , but he isnt my brother anymore he is the love of my life,
he is THE BEST person i know ,
she is the mos caring person on earth i think.



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